Helpful Tips

A Gas Man Inc.'s mission is to provide quality service one customer at a time.

Customer help and participation is requested so the

 owner can better serve you. Thank you.


Contact Tips:

To better serve you, please talk with the owner by phone
to answer questions and get a cost estimate before service.
Pricing will vary based on what type of service requested.
Pricing will also vary depending on age, type, service history and condition of the gas fireplace. The owner probably has his head inside a fireplace. Please leave your name and repeat your phone number. Thank you.

Regular business hours are
Monday-Friday 8am-4pm.
Thank You.

Glass Cleaning Tips:
Is the glass on your fireplace smoky, foggy or dirty?
The owner asks for assistance with the glass cleaning.
The owner will evaluate the glass at time of servicing.

Homeowners can help by providing an area on the kitchen counter or, table top to place the glass.
And, perform the actual cleaning of the glass.
Different cleaning recommendations are available.
Many pieces of glass are etched and may not come clean. Thank you.

     Tips for the Day of service:


  1.    Please do not have the fireplace burning.
  2.    Please clear and remove valuables.
  3.    Assisting with glass cleaning is requested. 
  4.    Please have pets secured before servicing.
  5.    The owner loves animals, but loves his eyebrows even more.
  6.    Please have a phone estimate before service.
  7.    AGMinc can better serve directly with owners.
  8.    Please be available for windows of arrival.
  9.    Please be aware of COD payment policy.
  10.    Please be aware of cancellation policy.

Thank you for your help. So A Gas Man Inc. can better serve you.

A Gas Man Inc. looks forward to providing quality experienced service one customer at a time.

To better serve there are two phone

        numbers available to call.

 970- 622-8135 or 303- 665-6286

  A Gas Man Inc does not offer emergency 911 service.